Breaking free from box-television time capsules, Alejo y Valentina characters are back—this time as digital collectibles that can be collected, traded, and turned into $anguiches.

Collect and trade your favorite characters from Alejo y Valentina as NFTs. Classic characters, community, challenges, and tons of $anguiches. Join the fun with the Carlitox, El Viejo and more!

Follow our accounts so you’re ready to buy because your access to the drop goes live starting October 26th.


A ‘90s MTV TV Show time capsule has landed and is about to open up. Each $50 pack gives you the chance to unlock 1 of 8 classic Alejo y Valentina characters!. You can purchase up to two packs per transaction.
Starting October 26th, the drop will happen in three phases:

- Private Sale:- March 20th
- Whitelist:- March 23rd
- Public Sale:- March 30th


Each character NFT will have a $anguiches Score based on their rarity of attributes. All 8,500 characters will be ranked from the least rare to most rare.

Just a week after the drop gets going, the real fun kicks off. In the first set of Challenges, you’ll be able to swap your characters for $anguiches.

$anguiches is an NFT you can earn by swapping in your Alejo y Valentina NFT(s). Your $anguiches Score determines how much $anguiches your character is worth. One character could be worth one, two, three, four, five, or even ten $anguiches so choose wisely!

Be ready to go because there are only 4,000 $anguiches NFTs available and you’ll definitely want to make sure you get enough!

Key Features

Cigüeña Packs

This guys bring the characters, you never know who's gonna come.

Franquicias MCKING

The Mcking Franchises are the only other way to generate snacks, apart from trades.


Redeem 10 $anguiches to unlock a Mashup. There are a total of 400 available Mashups.

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